Aedín O'Leary

Independent Director, Investment & ESG Consultant

Extensive Experience in Financial Services, Asset Management Industry & ESG*

*Environmental, Social & Governance factors as they pertain to Responsible Investing, Sustainable Finance and overall business purposes.

The Triple Line Approach

“In the work I carry out, I subscribe to a Triple Line philosophy. Its fuller name, Triple Bottom Line, is an approach whereby a project or business is focused not only on financial return, but also on social and environmental considerations. Remembered simply, it comprises 3 P’s – 


I was fortunate early on in my career to work with charity investors who, alongside financial return, also sought a social return. At that time, they were the exception rather than the rule.

Experiencing firsthand various iterations of “ethical” investment since then, I greatly welcome the fact that ESG and sustainability is no longer a consideration just for charities, but also for other investors and across the boards of most industries and businesses today. This sits well with me and, through the different work I carry out, a People, Planet, Profits ethos will be integral to everything I do”.

Aedín is a Qualified Director through the Institute of Directors (Chartered Directors Programme), with significant Board and Committee experience across Investment, Fund Services, ESG and Not for Profit.

Aedín provides independent consultancy in relation to Asset Manager selection (increasingly ESG mandates), formulation of Ethical Investment Policy as well as launch and distribution of investment services

Winning project at Sustainathon 2020, an initiative to bring together the Irish Funds industry to amplify its impact in tackling climate change.

In her own continuous learning journey in sustainability and ESG, Aedín is committed to helping others learn from the knowledge and experience she has gathered herself.

14 July, 2021

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